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Gainesville is the proud home of the University of Florida. And for some people, that's the beginning and end of the story. But a few minutes spent on this site, followed hopefully by a visit sometime in the near future, and the story changes in a big way. Gainesville isn't just a great college town. It's a great town. Period. It's where nature and culture meet. Where trees draped in Spanish moss line quaint Old South inspired streets. Where a cozy quintessential downtown exudes hospitality, comfort, and at times, a certain refined ease in its shops and restaurants. Where state parks are a virtual playground of world-class natural springs, sinkholes, waterways and waterfalls, shady pine forests, flora and fauna, and amazing natural North Florida sunsets. And where the surrounding towns like High Springs, Alachua, Cross Creek and Micanopy dial-up the charm even further each in their own individual way. So, welcome to Gainesville. It's a little of what you might expect, and a lot of what you wouldn't. Whether you're staying for a day, week, weekend or longer, we look forward to helping you create your own unforgettable story. One we hope you'll tell again and again.