Maude's Classic Cafe

(352) 336-9646
101 S.E. 2nd Place #101 Gainesville, FL 32601

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Somewhere in time..... A tradition of gatherings was born not too far from here, a long while ago. Our small charade of freinds would meet at our former locations, to share food, lively conversation, and to watch the nightlife on Main Street unfold. Curiosity would often prompt passers-by to detour from their plans and join our open parties. Drawn by good music and the free spirited atomosphere, strangers found themselves welcomed. These "strangers" soon became regulars and our gatherings grew. Maude's Classic Cafe has been created and re-created so that you could share this experience. Escape from routine in a setting of classic cars and classic music. Select from the worlds highest quality coffees, and sample Gainesville's finest deserts. Relax in a timeless environment and become part of our tradition. At Maude's we strive to offer quality food and drinks at reasonable prices. We respect your business, so all we ask is that you respect ours and the patrons around you. Relax, grab a game, and enjoy the music.