Cedar Key, FL

This 200-year ole water front village is situated in the clam Gulf waters among a spray of other islands.  Best explored by foot or bicycle, you can experience the history of the awe-inspiring Shell Mound Park, the natural wonder of the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge.  Rent a golf cart to explore the island, stopping by the two Cedar Key museums, or the many art galleries, shops and boutiques scattered among Cedar Key's picturesque streets.

Internationally known for its seafood, the heart of Cedar Key is still is busy aquaculture industry featuring farm raised clams and oysters.  Restaurants in town offer a chance to enjoy the freshest seafood specializing in oysters, clams, and clam chowder.  Cedar Key and Yankeetown, part of the BIG BEND SHELLFISH TRAIL offer unforgettable experience of where to EAT, BUY and LEARN about Florida shellfish.

Explore the vast blue Gulf of Mexico by boat.  Kayaks, paddle boards, and motorboats are available for rent and the Cedar Key Marina is the perfect spot to begin your adventure at sea. A water taxi can shuttle you to one of the beautiful off-shore islands for just s few hours or the whole day.  On your boat tour be sure to look for playful, jumping dolphins.