Patlaka - Lake Butler State Trail

Location: Lake Butler, FL, United States

This quick route consists of the four-mile paved portion of the Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail located near Lake Butler. The state trail actually continues past the paved segment through Hampton and all the way to Palatka. However, that portion of the state trail between the end of the pavement here and Keystone Heights is unpaved, not maintained and therefore not recommended.

Beginning in the town of Lake Butler, where riders can park or make a quick stop at one of the convenience stores or groceries before beginning their ride at the Union Depot at Lake Butler Trailhead. Also nearby is the lake itself, which provides some scenic views for those who wish to explore the area or ride around town.

There are no convenience stores or rest stops along the route, but this is a short ride and ends back in town. The route provides scenic views along the secluded state trail.

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