Trenton Loop

Location: Trenton, FL, United States

The best of Gilchrist County by bike! Waccassassa Flats, Blue and Ginnie Springs on the Santa Fe River, Hart and Otter Springs on the Suwannee River, Nature Coast State Trail, and downtown Trenton. Portions of the route are unpaved. This route starts and ends at the Nature Coast State Trail trailhead in Trenton. However, do not be confused. The route proceeds in the opposite direction from the State Trail! Expect to encounter moderate levels of traffic on the State Roads and U.S. Highways and light traffic conditions on the local roads.

The route starts by leaving the Nature Coast State Trail trailhead, heading north on State Road 47 on a 3-foot paved shoulder to Gilchrist County Road 232. Turn right on Gilchrist County Road 232. There is no shoulder on this section.

Turn left (north) on SE 65th Ave, a loose limerock road. Turn right onto another limerock road at NE 30th St. A portion of this road has a nice tree canopy. Then turn left onto NE 80th Avenue.

Riders can avoid this 5-mile stretch of limerock/dirt road by continuing east on Gilchrist County Road 232 for approximately 1/2 mile to its intersection with NE 80th Avenue and turning left a the intersection.

At the intersection with State Road 236, turn left to follow State Road 236; however riders may continue straight on NE 80th Avenue to Blue Springs (loose dirt road, entry fee) and return to SR 236 after a break. At the intersection of SR 236 and NE 60th Avenue, riders can also turn right and wander two miles on paved roads to Ginnie Springs (entry fee).

State Road 236 proceeds through Waccassassa Flats, a large area of wetlands and lakes which stretches the entire length of Gilchrist County.

State Road 236 becomes Gilchrist County Road 340 at its intersection with State Road 47. Continue straight on Gilchrist County Road 340 to its intersection with U.S. 129. Turn left on U.S. 129 and proceed to the Town of Bell. After arriving in Bell, turn right onto Gilchrist County Road 342 and proceed southwesterly. Turn left onto Gilchrist County Road 341 at mile 44.2. At its intersection with Gilchrist County Road 232, turn right, following the road as it makes a sharp left turn near mile 48.0. At mile 50.0 riders can turn right onto Gilchrist County Road 344 for a 4-mile out-and-back side trip to Otter Springs Park and Campground (entry fee).

At mile 52.0 the route intersects SW 70th Street. Riders may turn right (east) here for a 3-mile out-and-back side trip to Hart Springs (entry fee). Returning south on Gilchrist County Road 232, proceed approximately to its intersection with the Nature Coast State Trail. Turn right onto the trail and proceed approximately five miles to the Suwannee River Bridge for a nice view of the Suwannee River. At this point, make a U-turn and follow the State Trail to Trenton. The route terminates at its starting point, the Nature Coast State Trail trailhead in Trenton.

For more information about the area, check out VisitGilchristCounty.

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