Sandfly Creek

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Freshwater paddle along the Suwannee River and picturesque creek in the floodplain.

Length:  3.5 miles from Fletcher’s Landing on the Suwannee River to Sandfly Creek, paddle the loop and return to Fletcher’s Landing (black dash route).  This trail can be extended an additional mile, more or less paddling up Sandfly Creek (yellow dash route) or another mile by crossing the Suwannee River and paddling into Flag Creek (orange dash route).

Time: 2  hours to paddle the Sandfly Creek Loop trail and return to Fletcher’s Landing launch site.

Skill Level:  Safe (see cautionary note below) for beginner paddlers with basic navigational skills.  However, paddler must remember that final mile requires paddling up current on the Suwannee River back to Fletcher’s Landing.  Waters are protected in creeks but are subject to wind and tides along the Suwannee River.  Strong winds in excess of 10 mph can create 1-2 foot waves on the Suwannee.  These conditions are not safe for beginner paddlers.

CAUTIONS: Paddler should be aware of airboats and motorized boat traffic.  Creeks are usually passable at very low tides, but may require caution due to fallen trees and mud flats.  Winds stronger than 10 mph can create waves of 1-2 feet along the Suwannee River, not safe for beginner paddlers.  Paddler must be physically conditioned to paddle 1 mile upstream against a 1-3 mph current back to launch site.

Click here for trail map and guide.

Disclaimer:  The Original Florida Tourism Task Force (dba VisitNatural Nroth Florida) and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council do not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of this map and paddle guide or the safety of this trail for use by paddlers.  Paddlers should use this trail only if they have the adequate skill level and dquipment, and paddlers must make that determination.  Paddlers should also check weather forecases and wter levels in advance to avoid any unnecessary danger.  The Original Florida Tourism Task Force, the local governments in which this paddling trail is located and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council are not responsible for any damages whatsoever from its use.