Ride with GPS allows users to print route maps, elevation profiles, cue sheets, points of interest, and route descriptions. Various printing options are available in the bottom right-hand corner when viewing a Ride with GPS map page. We recommend selecting the “PRINT MAP AND CUE PDF” option as it will allow you to print all of these features as a pdf file which Ride with GPS will email to you.

The Ride with GPS “Print map and Cue PDF” function has a few quirks. Please be aware that if opting to print the route description, Ride with GPS will only print that portion of the description which fits the first page (it will not allow you to print the route description separately). Depending on the options selected, you may lose some of the description as well as the map! All route descriptions end with a disclaimer statement. If you do not see the disclaimer statement, you have not printed the entire route description!

We recommend printing the route description separately from the map, cue sheets, and elevation profile. This can be a tricky. To print the description, the Print Map option must be set to Yes and the Print Description box must be activated. Additionally, the Print Elevation Profile and the Print POI options must be set to No or otherwise turned off. For the single-day routes, the paper size should be set to A4. For the Big Bend Coastal Tour and the Grand North Florida Tour, the A2 paper size must be used. Although these are large paper sizes, pdf files can always be printed on letter-sized paper using Adobe Acrobat’s Shrink-to-Fit function. For printing the maps, cue sheets, elevation profiles and Points of Interest, uncheck the Print Description option and change the paper size to US Letter. Experimentation may be necessary to obtain the desired print results.

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