Tallahassee - St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

Location: Tallahassee, FL, United States

A paved, grade-separated 41-mile out-and-back trail from Tallahassee, FL to St. Marks, FL. Although the northern terminus of the trail is near Lake Elberta, due to parking difficulties, many riders park and start at the Munson Hill trailhead on Woodville Highway, approximately 4.5 miles south of the northern terminus and just south of the Woodville Highway-Capital Circle SE intersection. Additionally, some riders starting at this trailhead go south, skipping the northern 4.5 mile northern section altogether. The Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail runs 20.5 miles one-way from Florida's capital city to the coastal community of St. Marks. Through the early 1900s, this historic railroad corridor was used to carry cotton from the plantation belt to the coast for shipment to textile mills in England and New England. Officially part of the Florida Greenways and Trails System, this state trail has also been designated as a National Recreational Trail. It was the first rail-trail in the Florida system of greenways and trails to be paved, providing a scenic experience for running, walking, bicycling and skating. Horseback riding is available on an adjacent unpaved trail. Here outdoor enthusiasts can hike a portion of the Florida National Scenic Trail, which joins the rail-trail at U.S. 98 and continues south. At the main trailhead in Tallahassee, there is access to the Munson Hills/Twilight Mountain Bike Trails in the Apalachicola National Forest. At the southern terminus of the trail, the coastal City of St. Marks welcomes trail users to enjoy seafood dining, fishing and entertainment as well as to learn about the history of the area at San Marcos de Apalache Historical State Park. The Tallahassee-St. Marks State Trail is a completed section of the developing, 120-mile Capital City to the Sea Loop corridor and is a destination along the Big Bend Scenic Highway. Visit the trail for fitness/training runs and rides, or a relaxing stroll that will shed daily stresses. Jump on the trail at any of the trailheads spread out along the trail. Mileage markers provide distance information and the trail corridor is lined with trees providing plenty of shade. Restroom facilities are located at intervals along the trail. At the Wakulla Station Trailhead, there are picnic pavilions and the barrier-free Felburn Foundation Boundless Playground, which is designed to give children of all abilities the opportunity to learn and play freely together. A short video about the trail can be found here. For more information on the St. Marks Trail, contact the Florida Division of Parks office at 850.922.600. For more information about the area, visit VisitWakulla.com. The Original Florida Tourism Task Force (dba Visit Natural North Florida) and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council do not warrant the safety of the routes on this map for use by bicyclists. Bicyclists should use these routes only if they have the adequate skill level as bicyclists, and bicyclists must make that determination. All the roads shown are used by automobiles and trucks, and bicyclists assume the risks for their own safety when using the roads and/or routes indicated on this map. The Original Florida Tourism Task Force, the local governments in which these bicycle routes are located and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council are not responsible for any damages whatsoever from its use.