Florida's Madison County 100-Mile Loop

Location: 783 W Base St, Madison, FL 32340, USA

A 97-mile loop route around Madison County, Florida. Starts and stops in beautiful downtown Madison, Florida. Many biking groups visit Madison County every year, and have done so for over 25 years to ride the "Loop."

Bring your group to cycle the Loop in one or multiple days. Segment your itinerary with shortcuts which cross less dense areas in beautiful and varied landscapes. Always help turtles cross the road and keep your eyes open for the unique qualities of this area. Enjoy the Madison County Loop!

The Loop is located on existing Madison County roads where automobiles and bicyclists share the road. Although posted with signs notifying drivers that the roads are also used as a bicycle route, almost all of the Loop has either narrow shoulders or no shoulders. Begin the Loop in downtown Madison at the Four Freedoms Park traveling south to State Road 14, over I-10 and down to Madison County Road 360 to Sirnans. Head north on U.S. 221 to the scenic railroad town of Greenville where you can rest at Hayes Park.

Continue east on U.S. 90 to Madison County Road 150, where you will experience moderate hills and a few "toughies." Travel north to the Cherry Lake Crossroads where you can rest, refuel and ,if you're full of energy, circle the 600-acre Cherry Lake which is surrounded by beautiful homes and cabins. On the north side of the lake is a 4-H camp and a county park for rest and relaxation. Return to the Loop at Madison County Road 150 and travel to State Road 145 for a short ride to Pinetta and enjoy the small town atmosphere.

Continue on Madison County Road150 to Madison County Road 255 to the next stop, the "Little but Proud" Town of Lee. Stop by city hall to picnic and then savor this quint town before setting your RPMs at a comfortable pace to ride the next 11 miles of flat roads bordered by trees, farms and blue sky. When you reach State Road 53, you will head north on the last stretch, passing under I-10 for the fourth time. It is only seven miles back to Four Freedoms Park which will complete your ride.

For more information call the Madison County Chamber of Commerce at 877.272.3642. The City Madison has a lovely historic downtown with several good restaurants and antique stores which are worth a look. Try Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant or the Sunrise Coffee Shop. For antiques, try the Marketplace Antiques Mall. Also, the downtown has an interesting museum, the Treasures of Madison County. Those staying overnight to ride the Madison County Four Freedoms Trail may wish to stay at The Unity House Bed & Breakfast in downtown Madison. For more information about the area, visit madisonfl.org.

The Original Florida Tourism Task Force (dba Visit Natural North Florida) and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council do not warrant the safety of the routes on this map for use by bicyclists. Bicyclists should use these routes only if they have the adequate skill level as bicyclists, and bicyclists must make that determination. All the roads shown are used by automobiles and trucks, and bicyclists assume the risks for their own safety when using the roads and/or routes indicated on this map. The Original Florida Tourism Task Force, the local governments in which these bicycle routes are located and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council are not responsible for any damages whatsoever from its use.