Florida's Four Freedoms Trail

Location: 771 Northeast Colin Kelly Highway, Madison, FL, United States

This route is a 25 mile out-and-back which is a paved, grade-separated multi-use trail. The trail extends north from the Madison city limits to the Withlacoochee River at the Florida-Georgia border. Covered rest areas exist at several points along the route.

Riders start this route near the city line in northern Madison where the Four Freedoms Trail splits off from State Road 145, and passes through Hansen and Pinetta, two small towns in northern Florida. The route crosses the highway at Hanson, but generally parallels it. The route branches onto Peppermint Trail at the end of the Four Freedoms Trail, where it then travels less than a mile along the Withlacoochee River to the Florida-Georgia border. Riders can enjoy views along the river, then turn around and return on the same route to Madison. A short video about the trail can be viewed here.

Bikeflorida.net indicates that the trail has a noticeable amount mount of leaves and debris as well as the presence of bumps formed by tree roots. If you have a need for a smooth, fast route, you may wish to try the Woodpecker Loop out of White Springs or the Mayo-R.O. Ranch out-and-back. Bikeflorida.net finds that, for the average recreational rider, the Four Freedoms Trail is a pleasant ride with lots of shade.

The City of Madison has a lovely historic downtown with several good restaurants and antique stores which are worth a look. Try Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant or the Sunrise Coffee Shop. For antiques, try the Marketplace Antiques Mall. Also, the downtown has an interesting museum, the Treasures of Madison County. Those staying overnight to ride the Madison County 100-Mile Loop may wish to stay at The Unity House Bed & Breakfast in downtown Madison. For more information about the area, visit madisonfl.org.

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