Your Gateway to the Wakulla River: T-n-T Hideaway

You’re not supposed to stand up in a kayak, but ever since seeing stand-up paddleboarders in action, I had been eager to try paddling from a standing position.

I asked my guide from T-n-T Hideaway first. I knew if I did a header over the kayak and wound up wriggling around in the Wakulla River, he’d be the one who would likely have to fish me out and help me get back in to the craft.

“Sure, why not!” was his reply.

T-n-T Hideaway is that kind of place: Relaxed and laid back as the Wakulla itself, which runs right past this family business. If you’re not too sure of your kayaking mojo – and if so you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to stand in a perfectly good sit-down boat – the Wakulla River is a natural place to start. Join a guided paddle or rent a canoe or kayak to explore on your own.

T-n-T also offers trips on the Ochlockonee, Sopchoppy, Spring Creek, Wacissa and Aucilla rivers, as well as the coastline waters of Wakulla Beach and Shell Point and the St. Marks Lighthouse and Refuge.

A new offering is an archaeology paddle with Barbara Hines of the Florida Public Archaeology Network. Learn about Native Americans and the Paleo-Indians and mega fauna of prehistoric Florida, right up to information about British and Spanish colonial history. Reservations are required: Call (850) 925-6412.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I didn’t wind up face-first in the river during my impromptu stand-up paddle. The Wakulla is just that laid back.

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