Wild Florida Adventures, December 2017 Events

Greetings Outside Enthusiasts!

I’ve just updated the Wild Florida Adventures event calendar for the rest of the month of December with the link here www.localendar.com/public/bbarker

This weekend we’re planning two fresh water paddles as the coastal tides aren’t that conducive to good water levels. Plus with the lower temps, its better to paddle venues that may have some warmer water!

We had a perfect day on the water this past Sunday at Shell Mound, under clear skies with a dolphin ‘show’ that lasted near an hour. There were several pods of them up near Garden Key exhibiting hunting behavior, teaching the juveniles how to fish, breaching sideways, and jumping in the air. It lasted as long as it did because they were headed in the same direction we were around Hog Island and continued their antics as they proceeded.

Saturday December 9th – Santa Fe River, meeting at the launch site west of High Springs at 10 AM. A later start will allow for things to warm up. After we shuttle our cars down to Rum Island Park, we’ll get on the river and make our way with the current. This is an easy two hour paddle with stops along the way at Poe and Lily Springs. We’ll take an extension route past Rum Island to go see Blue Springs, our newest State Park! Things have changed since Hurricane Irma, with the board walk being destroyed, plus new restrictions on how far you can paddle up into the Blue Springs Run. Poe Springs was also impacted by Irma, and hasn’t re-opened yet. Wonder if Naked Ed’s hut survived?!
The cost is $40 per person if you need a kayak/equipment which includes insurance, delivery, shuttle and me as the guide. Own kayak owners, the guide fee is $20 per person and includes insurance and shuttle as necessary.
RSVP deadline is Friday Dec. 8th by 12 PM.

Sunday December 10th – New River, meeting at the launch site near Lake Butler at 10 AM. The New River is a tributary to the Santa Fe River and originates in northern Union County. Its been in the news for over a year as the river is in danger of being destroyed by a proposed phosphate mine in Bradford and Union Counties, with the New River being in between the two. A group of four families are in the permit process to mine on both sides of the river, which would contribute to the destruction of it and impact the Santa Fe and its springshed. (next meeting on this subject is Dec. 18th in Lake Butler).
I paddled the New River this past summer before and after the rainy season and storm floods. It’s beauty is comparable to the Waccasassa or Prairie Creek or more so!!
We’ll paddle down and back with very little current to worry about. A great chance to see this river is its potential pre-mining state.
The cost is $40 per person if you need a kayak/equipment. Own kayak owners is $20 per person.
RSVP deadline is Friday Dec. 8th by 6 PM.

Again, take a look at the event calendar and see if there is anything that piques your interest for the rest of 2017! Please let me know if you have any questions or special tour requests. The schedule can be altered to accommodate out of town visitors during the holidays.

Brack Barker
Wild Florida Adventures

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