Want to Fish at Steinhatchee, But Don’t Have A Boat? Hire a Professional Fishing Guide!

Owning and operating a fishing boat can be a complicated (and expensive) venture, especially if you don’t use it much.  Gas goes bad, trailer bearings and tires wear out if not used, and outboard motors gum up if not run frequently.  If you’re only planning to fish a couple of times a year, hiring a professional guide may be your ticket to a good time.  You’ll have the opportunity to fish with someone who’s on the water much of the time, likely knows where the fish are, has good tackle–and a boat that runs!

Steinhatchee, in Taylor County on Florida’s Big Bend, has a reputation for some teriffic fishing, inshore and offshore.  Seatrout, redfish, flounder and grouper regularly come to the cleaning tables at local marinas.

Here are some recommended guides:

Departing From The Sea Hag Marina:

Captain Randall Hewitt 386-208-3823  http://www.hookedonreds.com/

Captain Scott Peters, Jr  352-356-7502 http://badtothebonefishingcharters.com/

Captain Rick Davidson  http://bitemefishing.wordpress.com/

Captain Brian Smith  877-852-3474 http://www.bigbendcharters.com/


Departing From River Haven Marina:

Captain Steve Kroll  (352) 322-4085
Captain Mark Lord, www.captainmark.com

Capt. Brad Riddle  (352) 318-2138  captainbradriddle@cox.net


Departing From Good Times Marina:

Capt. Mark Brady (contact thru Good Times Marina, 352-498-8088

Capt. Steve Hart, (352) 498-0299

Capt. Bob Erdman  (352) 356-2554


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