Wade in the Wakulla Water

Wakulla is one of Florida’s greatest hidden oases. Located less than a half an hour south of Tallahassee, it is the perfect place to stay and enjoy outdoor adventures with city life a few miles away. Accommodating for every kind of nature activity, Wakulla County is home to several rivers, parks, beaches, springs and forests. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, Wakulla County’s got it. Below is a guide to help you get your feet wet in the Wakulla County water.

Wakulla State Park

Wakulla County’s prized possession is the Wakulla State Park. The Park has something for everyone, as it boasts some of the best birding, horseback riding, snorkeling, boating, biking, hiking, swimming, picnicking and wildlife viewing experiences. It also features several concession stands, historic sites and interpretive exhibits, making it the perfect place to bring loved ones together for any occasion.

The Park’s most visited attraction is the Wakulla Springs. The spring is one of the deepest and largest in the world, and remains a constant 70-degree temperature year round. Enjoy a swim in the water or sit along its grassy beach shore for optimal relaxation. For those daring enough to make the leap, the spring features a 22-foot observation tower overlook that beach-goers are encouraged to dive off of into the water.

Wakulla Springs State Park

Wilderness Way

Experience an exciting and unique adventure paddling alongside the manatees at Wilderness Way. Known as a leading retailer in touring, recreational and fishing kayaks, Wilderness Way and its expert staff hold an excellent reputation in Wakulla County. The facility offers 24-hour kayak rentals, bike rentals and a shuttle service for all of its guests. Visitors can choose from several different tours and are welcome to bring their own paddling gear to explore the 10-mile course independently. (Fun fact: The New York Times rated the trail Wilderness Way explores as one of the best-kept secrets among kayak experts!)



Wakulla County, much like its list of activities, also offers a wide variety of places to stay. If you seek a sleep under the stars, there are several campgrounds to enjoy, including Newport Park, Holiday Campground and Shell Island Fish Camp. For a comfortable hotel stay, Wakulla offers its own Best Western as well as an Inn at Wildwood Resort. On the cozier side, get acquainted with the locals at Sweet Magnolia Bed & Breakfast.

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