Visit Gainesville’s Sweetwater Wetlands Park For a Close-up Look at Natural North Florida

It’s June, and it’s the perfect time to visit and hike (no bikes or horses allowed!) Gainesville’s newest  park, Sweetwater Wetlands Park.

Here’s a blurb from the park’s website that does a pretty good job of describing the awesome place:

“Sweetwater Wetlands Park is not only a place to connect with nature, it’s a way to protect our environment. The park, which consists of more than 125 acres of wetlands and ponds, was created to improve the water quality of wetlands in Paynes Prairie and the Floridan Aquifer.

Now a thriving habitat, Sweetwater Wetlands Park is filled with vast numbers of plants and animals, including birds, butterflies, alligators and Florida cracker horses.

At the park, you can walk more than 3.5 miles of crushed gravel trails and boardwalks, experience the lush landscape from viewing platforms, and learn about the habitat through educational signs and tours.”

The park is located at 325 SW Williston Road in Gainesville, and is open daily from 7AM to sunset.  Parking is available and a modest admission is charged to enter the park.  See the park’s website HERE for details.





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