Visit Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, Gainesville, FL

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park is located in Gainesville, Florida. The park’s main feature is the 120 feet deep limestone sinkhole known as “Devil’s Millhopper.” There is a wooden boardwalk with 212 steps going down to the bottom of the sinkhole. The park also features a half mile nature trail going around the top of the sinkhole as well as a small visitor center and picnic area.

There are many fun activities and things to do at the park. The visitor center has informative exhibits, and the picnic area is a popular lunchtime getaway for locals. Many people enjoy biking along Millhopper Road with its great bike lanes, and bikers often stop by the park to take a look at the famous sinkhole.

The entrance to the park does not have a ranger station for collecting park fees, but rather there is an honor box in which you are supposed to deposit the park fees in exact change.

This site features excellent photos of the sinkhole, wildlife, trails, picnic area, and visitor center. We also have directions to get there and a map of Devil’s Millhopper. We have an overview of the history of Devil’s Millhopper that goes back thousands of years.

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