Visit Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens Near Williston, Florida–It’s the “Pits”!

So….what do you do with a retired hundred-plus-year-old rock quarry?  If you want to create a masterpiece of flora and fauna, you move tons of rock and divert lots of water and build a park for visitors to enjoy.  That, in a nutshell, is the history of Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens, located just off US27 near Williston in Levy County, Florida.

With over 50 elegant gardens scattered around the “crater” of the central pond, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of plants and plantings.  This place is an excellent location to study and understand Natural North Florida’s trees and plants.  You’ll see palms, bamboo, flowering plants and shrubs, as well as hardwoods on your walk through the gardens.

The paths and trails throughout the garden are an easy walk.  There are good handrails, but non-skid shoes are highly recommended!  The Gardens are located adjacent to Devils Den Spring and Two Hawk Hammock, on 180th Avenue (off US27), just north of Williston.


Open: Monday – Tuesday and Thursday – Sunday

Closed: Wednesday 

    9:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Adult: $12

Children (6-13 ): $7

​Free for children under 6