“More Than The Usual” at Horseshoe Beach Marina in Dixie County

Horseshoe Beach Marina USED to be pretty typical for a place that’s off the beaten path, on a stretch of Florida’s Gulf coastline that’s known for having lots of fish, but not much more.  Before it’s purchase by Dennis Buckley, the marina rarely had gas, and the operator was torn between his (very good) guiding business and running the marina.  Hence it was open at odd hours, with few supplies, limited fuel, and a launch lift that only worked at random.

However, those days are over, and the marina is now operating in full swing, largely thanks to a great full-time staff and the fact that the town has grown.  Now, with The Shrimp Boat restaurant open and successful and with the town’s addition of more boat ramps, the marina is busy and well-stocked.



The marina offers motel units, a rental home, as well as spaces for RV’ers and tent-campers.


The marina’s  travel lift is capable of safely launching two boats at a time, keeping trailers out of damaging salt water.


After a hard day on the water, stop by at Jake’s Pub, located adjacent to the marina store, for a cold beverage and a snack.



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