U-pick Fruits and Veggies, Summer at its Finest!

In today’s world of supermarkets and mega marts, why pick your own produce when you can just go out and buy it? Well, first of all, they’re fresher.  Less than 24 hours from the farm to your belly.  Second of all, the produce is likely of a higher quality.  When farmers pick for supermarkets, the produce is usually picked before it is actually ripe.  Some fruits and vegetables will continue to sweeten improve in flavor after being picked, but some will not.  Their colors will deepen, and they will change appearance, but you don’t get that sun-ripened flavor that you get when you pick the fruit yourself.  It’s a fun experience for the whole family, and a great way to show kids where the food they eat comes from. 

The best season for picking your own produce in North Florida is late May to about halfway through July, as this is when the largest variety of fruits and vegetables are ripe at the same time.  So go check out this list of Florida’s “U-picks” and pick the farm nearest to you for a day of family, food, and fun!

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