Trenton Rotary Club Fishing Tournament, April 25, 2015 at Suwannee Marina, Suwannee, Florida


Yes, we all know that Trenton is in “sorta landlocked” Gilchrist County, but it’s OK that the Rotary Club heads each year to the town of Suwannee, in Dixie County, to hold it’s annual fishing tournament.  That’s no more unusual than Gainesville having an “offshore fishing” club and holding tournaments out of Steinhatchee and Suwannee.  After all, rivers like the mighty Suwannee and the Santa Fe stretch inland to these landlocked counties, so all is “legit”!


You can go online to the Tournament Website to download rules and to find registration forms.  This tournament should be lots of fun, with good prizes, and your particiaption helps  Gilchrist League Youth Sports .


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