There’s Still One More Week to Catch A Winning Redfish in the 2016 CCA STAR Tournament


See this redfish?  It’s one of 8 I helped release in Taylor and Dixie Counties at the beginning of the 2016 CCA Star Tournament.  And until yesterday (8/27) none of those 8 had been caught.  However, last night one was caught by an angler near Pepperfish Keys in Dixie County.  Great news, huh?  Yes, that’s where we put a fish in the water about 100 days ago, but this angler hadn’t registered for the Tournament, nor was he a CCA member!

So…just another unlucky day for another angler?  Yep, but this one missed out a $50,000 boat, motor and trailer outfit!

So, even with just a week to go, don’t be this guy. Do it right the first time would ya? REGISTER!!!

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