The Nature Coast State Trail, Part 1: Fanning Springs to Cross City

In the late part of the fall, the weather in North Florida becomes perfect for hiking and biking.  The temperature stays mild, and rainy days are few and far between.  The Nature Coast State Trail, formerly known as the Nature Coast Greenway, is a 32 mile trail that winds its way through Gilchrist, Dixie, and Levy counties stopping in 5 small Florida towns along the way.  The trail is roughly “Y” shaped, so riders have several different trip options.  The best place to start is in Fanning Springs, which is located at the intersection of the “Y.” 

The first of three possible trips is a 12 mile ride from Fanning Springs, northwest to Cross City, passing through Old Town on the way.  This trip is the longest of the three, and is the only one to cross the Suwannee river.  The bridge across the river is an old railroad trestle, and it makes riders feel as though they are stepping back in time.  In colder months, riders may see manatees in the river, though this tends to happen more often in the winter months of January and February.   

More information about this trail including parking locations can be found here.

What to Pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Toilet Paper (there are bathrooms on the trail, but they are sometimes out of T.P.)
  • Snacks

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