The Heat is on at Hart Springs!

By: Dawn Perez

Cooling Off at Hart Springs Park

This year we skipped over Spring and jumped head first into Summer.  With temperatures reaching well past 90 degrees, it’s time to cool things off a bit in one of the largest spring fed swimming areas in the entire state of Florida.  I recommend you check out, what in my opinion is one of the most beautiful, invigorating and picturesque springs in the entire North Florida region, Hart Springs.  This gorgeous park is located on the Gilchrist Blueway Trail and along the Suwannee River.  My little family enjoyed a long weekend at this park last year and we loved it so much, we are planning a return visit this summer.  The park itself is beautiful, with large oaks that canopy the entire camp ground, pristine trails and all the amenities needed for an awesome weekend.  We took our little travel trailer to the park, parking was easy, set up a breeze and they provided each full hook up site with everything needed.  A few secluded cabins and primitive camping spots are also available for those who are up for an extra outdoorsy adventure.  I on the other hand, prefer to have air conditioning in the summer time, so full hook up for me!  The hot showers and bathrooms are easily accessible from all the camping areas

We fell in love with the park immediately and quickly called our family and friends to invite them out to join us for the day at the park.  We decided to walk the canopied trail that led us to the springs.  It was then that we were taken away into another world where all you could hear were the birds chirping and the crackle of the tree leaves blowing in the wind.  The air cooled as we neared the springs.  Then gently tucked away was the mesmerizing emerald green and turquoise water which was crystal clear all the way to the bottom.  As clear as it was, it was just as cold.  It was refreshing to jump in after your skin was warm from the hot sun.  Luckily the spring fed area was very large which easily accommodated the hundreds of swimmers.  We spent a better part of the day in the water.  What I liked the most is that the park is very family friendly.  No alcohol is allowed, and no parties as well, which made it a more relaxing environment.  You could sit with your family and enjoy a nice evening dinner by the fire and just relax.  It was so amazing to be able to just shut off the world and enjoy some peace and quiet in this tranquil place.      

Families will love this park, located right in the heart of rural North Florida. Prices are extremely reasonable, the staff is friendly and the place is beautifully secluded.  For another great weekend away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy getting back to nature, come visit Hart Springs in Gilchrist County.  Everyone should try to visit one place a year that they’ve never been to, so if you’ve never been here…this is the year to visit Hart Springs.  To find out more, just go to and begin your new adventure today.