The “Hart” of Gilchrist County: Hart Springs

Open year round, Hart Springs in Gilchrist County is located just off of the Suwannee River.  Hart springs is a beautiful place, and is tends to be less crowded than other springs in the summer time, because it is a bit off the beaten path.  There are many activities available at Hart Springs, like fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, boating, and cave diving.  Fishing is not allowed in the spring proper, but there is a boardwalk that leads down to the Suwanee River, where fishermen may try their luck.  There is full service camping at $24 a night, but for those who don’t enjoy sleeping in a tent, there is a house on property that can be rented for $125 per night. 

There is a 1/2 mile boarwalk that goes around the property and along the river.  This walk is beautiful, especially in the mornings when the sun is just beginning to rise, though for those who aren’t early risers, the evening view is just as lovely.  The Park is open to non-campers from 9am-9pm during the summer, and admission is $4 per person or $12 per car or boat.  More information is available on the park website.

What to Pack: (If you forget anything, there is a store on the property) 

  • Swimsuit
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Picnic Lunch

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