Take a Trip to Horseshoe Beach…and Fish Florida’s Last Frontier

From Capt. Tommy Thompson’s Saltwater Angler’s Guide to Florida’s Big Bend and Emerald Coast (UPF 2009):

“Horseshoe Beach has no beach, unless you count the twenty-foot strip of white sand next to the county boat ramp.  You will find horseshoe crabs there.

A small commercial fishing village, Horseshoe Beach is located on a small spit of Gulf coastline between Suwannee and Steinhatchee.  By road, it’s about 25 miles from Cross City, a major town on US19/98.  A well-maintained channel leads to the Gulf and to deeper water. Horseshoe Beach marks the northern end of the Suwannee River’s effect on water clarity.  Unless muddied by winds or torrential rains, inshore and near shore waters here remain clear for most of the year.

Facilities at Horseshoe Beach are limited, and many visiting anglers rely on the amenities at Cross City.  If you’re willing to put up with the lack of some conveniences, you’ll find this a great, secluded fishing destination.  On the way into town, there’s a sign proclaiming Horseshoe Beach as “Florida’s Last Frontier”.

A good source for local information at Horseshoe Beach is Capt. Gary Patterson, who runs Horseshoe Beach Marina.  Gary can be reached at (352) 498-5687.  When he’s not at the Marina, he’s found guiding and is usually happy to dispense local information to visitors.

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