2015 Bay Scallop Reports, Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach

The second week of Florida’s 2015 recreational bay scallop season proved much more productive than the first.  There were no steady sea breezes keeping the water dirty and the travel to the scallop grounds rough.  And the mid-day low tides made it easier for kids and beginner-swimmers to search the grass for the tasty bivalves. …

2015 Scallop Harvest Tops Predictions on Florida’s Natural North Florida Gulf Coast!

Photos are worth thousands of words! Yep, this is the year folks on Florida’s Natural North Florida Gulf coastline have been waiting for.  Opening day of recreational bay scallop season at Steinhatchee, Keaton Beach and St. Marks have exceeded everyone’s expectations.  It’s busy, the water’s clear, and the scallops are easy to harvest.