Suwannee Bass

Suwannee Bass


A heavy-bodied black bass that seldom exceeds 12 inches long. Mature Suwannee bass have bright turquoise coloring on the cheeks, breast, and belly. The upper jaw does not extend beyond the eye, and there is only a shallow notch between the dorsal fins. A distinct dark blotch where the lateral line meets the caudal fin and scales on bases of dorsal, anal and caudal fins further identify Suwannee bass. 


Originally restricted to the Suwannee and Ochlockonee rivers, they now are in the Santa Fe, Ichetucknee, St. Marks, Aucilla and Wacissa systems. They prefer rapidly flowing water along rocky shoals. 


Spawning occurs from February to June. Crayfish are a major food item for Suwannees. 

State Record:

3.89 lbs. Big Catch: 16 inches or 2 lbs. 

Fishing Tips and Facts:

Although mostly taken while fishing for other species, popular lures and baits include small crayfish-colored spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastic worms, jigs and crayfish. Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Image Credit: Duane Raver, Jr.