Stop and Smell the Roses: Florida’s Wildflowers

One of the prettiest things about summer in North Florida is all of the wildflowers that you see blooming everywhere.  After the dreary gray of winter, the flowers of spring and summer bring a much needed splash of color back into the world.  Here is a guide to identifying some of the wildflowers that you can currently see blooming.

Trumpet Honeysuckle:  Blooms April-August, found mostly in wooded and wet areas, this is Florida’s only native honeysuckle.  A favorite for hummingbirds.

Dune Sunflower:  Found in sandy areas the dune sunflower blooms year round and is mostly found in sandy coastal areas.

Blazing Star: Pretty purple flowers on long spikes, these bloom from July-September and are found in dry soils.  They can frequently be seen on roadsides, so look for them as you’re driving by.

Primrose:  These delicate little flowers are surprisingly hardy.  They bloom from March-September in dry soils, and are usually found blooming beside the road.

Showy Rattlebox:  These yellow flowers are often mistaken for snapdragons at first glance.  They’re found in moderately dry soils, and bloom from August-October.

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