St. Marks Stone Crab Festival, October 22, 2016


St. Marks Stone Crab Festival



There’s just about nothing better to eat than Florida stone crabs and despite the “hype” that we hear from south Florida, stone crabs from the northern Gulf waters are tastier and more plentiful.  Those “jumbos” and “colossals” on menus at fancy south Florida eateries are good, but our “mediums” taste better and there’s more meat to a pound.

The 2016  St. Marks Stone Crab Festival is scheduled for October 22 and is going to be lots of fun!  There will be plenty to eat and you’ll have a chance to enjoy one of Florida’s oldest settlements, first settled in the early 16th century.

St. Marks is located just south of Tallahassee in Wakulla County.


There will also be a raffle for a John Deere “Gator”!   This raffle will help fund charitable activities in the St. Marks community.  Click on the image of the poster below to get more information!



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