Spotted in Steinhatchee

You never know what a day in Steinhatchee will show you, from pirate-inspired fashion to a choice waterfront hangout or a new place to enjoy the invariably gorgeous Steinhatchee sunset. Here’s a sampling of the sights and sounds (and, in a subsequent post, tastes) of a day in this serene and surprising Gulf Coast town.

A day of boating and fishing results in the "Steinhatchee pompadour." This hairstyle could give the Beiber a run for its money.

Waterbirds, it seems, find Steinhatchee as welcoming as people do.

I told you it was a surprising town...Fiddler’s chef Jim Hunt is a man of many talents.
A self-styled Steinhatchee pirate has to have this scallop-and-crossbones tee. Find it at the gift shop just inside Roy's restaurant.
Also at the Gold-n-Gifts shop inside Roy's. Hey, a pirate's got to accessorize.

After admiring a Steinhatchee sunset, it's time for some seafood - stay tuned for the Steinhatchee dine-around post!

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