Special Occasions at the Avera-Clarke House, Monticello

Staying at Monticello’s Avera-Clarke house is a treat: In addition to the honeymoon cottage, which is the oldest building in Jefferson County, the inn also offers a second-story balcony, a fascinating history and beautiful details, such as this painted cardinal.

What guests don’t always notice is that in addition to overnight accommodations, the Avera-Clarke House in Monticello also hosts special events, from business lunches to baby showers. Facilities include a cottage, tea room, living room, and patio. The covered veranda with tables and chairs can accommodate larger groups and overlooks the inn’s gardens.

Avera-Clarke has a fully licensed commercial kitchen and can also serve beer and wine. To find out if your date is available, call (850) 997-5007.

One comment on “Special Occasions at the Avera-Clarke House, Monticello

  • Nancy Wideman says:

    My husband and I had our daughter’s engagement party on the patio of the Avera-Clarke House in December. It was beautiful and Gretchen did everything to make it so. I reccomend this beautiful venue for any occasion.

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