Shrimp Landing Restaurant–A Fast Food Alternative in Inglis, FL

Shrimp Landing--faster, friendlier and cheaper than "fast food"!
Shrimp Landing–faster, friendlier and cheaper than “fast food”!

If you’re traveling through the lower end of Levy County and happen to be in Inglis, at the intersection of US19/98 and SR40, don’t miss an opportunity to eat at Shrimp Landing Restaurant.  It’s one of the few places to eat between Crystal River (12 miles south) and Chiefland (30 miles north) and it hardly takes advantage of its almost-exclusive share of the local dining market.  Meals are served with a smile, prices are just about as inexpensive as those at “fast food” restaurants, and the food is great!  The fare is mostly sandwiches, pasta–and of course seafood!  And there are All-You-Can-Eat specials, including shrimp, pasta and even local fried mullet. (Just call 352-447-5201 to learn the day’s specials.)

Shrimp Landing is located just south of the Inglis US19/SR40 traffic light on the west side of the highway.  There’s plenty of parking and lots of good food there!


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