San Felasco Hammock: Two Hikes, One Great Trip

San Felasco Hammock is a 7000 acre preserve that hosts one of the few remaining mature forests in the state of Florida.  Located just outside of Gainesville, San Felasco makes a great day trip for casual hikers and pet owners.  There are two different trail options on the North Side of the Park, the Moonshine Creek Trail, and the Creek Sink Trail.  The Moonshine Creek Trail is 1 mile long, and makes for a fairly easy hike.  It is also a site that holds some historical significance.  Moonshine Creek got its name during prohibition, when it was the site of a moonshine still which provided illegal alcohol to the citizens of Alachua County.  For those interested in a longer hike, the Creek Sink Trail splits off from the Moonshine Creek Trail about half way.  This trail is 2.3 miles long and circles around the bottom of the forest where the waters of Moonshine Creek are absorbed into the aquifer.

San Felasco is not just for hikers, it is one of the best places to go bird-watching.  All of the 45 species of birds that breed in North Florida’s hardwood forests can be seen in San Felasco.  Parking is $4.00, and pets are welcome so long as they are on a leash.  There are bathrooms and a water fountain at the trailhead.  More information including parking instructions and directions can be found at the park website.

What to Pack:

  • Bug spray (especially in the summer months)
  • Water bottle
  • Camera

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