Ride Levy County’s Goethe Forest by Horseback–An Orange Blossom Ranch Adventure!


Levy County‘s Goethe State Forest is the perfect place for your next equestrian adventure.  The 53,398-acre forest is located near the gulf coast, south of Williston  Four trailheads are located on County Road 337. The main trail usage is equestrian, both riders and carts. Goethe is known for its population of red cockaded woodpeckers, a rare bird endemic to the longleaf pine forests of the southeastern coastal plain.

In addition to “forest bathing” and “goat yoga”, the folks at Orange Blossom Ranch offer several horseback adventures in the Goethe Forest.  Orange Blossom Ranch is easily accessed from all of our Natural North Florida region.  It’s also an easy trip for visitors to central Florida’s attractions.