Redfish Turn Red in Tannic Creeks After Big Rains


If you’ve ever wondered why redfish (red drum) are red, head to a Gulf-facing coastal creek just after a big rainstorm.  On Florida’s Big Bend, big summer storms often bring multiple inches of rain.  It usually backs up into the swamps and filters through the coastal swamps to the Gulf, bringing significant amounts of tannin to what’s normally gin-clear water.  What that does is turn water to “bourbon-clear” and redfish take on their golden color after just a few hours in the brown water.


Take advantage of the high water in coastal creeks after big rains to fish well towards the tree line in the backs of creeks.  The closer you get to the tree line, the more fish you’ll find.  Just don’t get stuck when the tide falls!



Coastal creeks may look blue on sunny days, but expect them to be brown with tannin-stained water.


Look for redfish along the banks of coastal creeks on Florida’s Big Bend


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