Red, White and BLUEBERRIES–Head to Williston, Florida For A Day of Family Fun and Good Eats


Located just north of Williston, in Levy County off US27, Red, White and Blue Farms is a destination worthy of lots of family fun.  There’s something for every member of the family–playgrounds for the kids, picking blueberries for the grownups, and even some blueberry beer for Dad!

It’s hard to say just what I expected to find on my early picking season (I always thought blueberries didn’t ripen until June!) trip to Red, White and Blue Farm.  Maybe Grandma would have a card table by the side of the road, allowing “u-pickers” to fill recycled grocery store bags from the blueberry bushes in her front yard?  NOT HARDLY!

After some zigging and zagging following the route on my Iphone,  I crested a hill on a perfectly paved road, and arrived at 3250 NE 140th Avenue, in Williston.  To my surprise, a perfectly manicured blueberry farm (about 100 acres!), with plenty of parking and shady live oak trees lay before me.

The brains and brawn behind Red, White and Blue Farms are father and son team, of Terry and Devon Robinson.  Not only have they turned the farm into a fun family destination, but they work hard to keep the crop healthy and accessible to visitors.  Neat rows of blueberry bushes, almost as far as the eye can see, are neatly kept, and even at this relatively early date, bearing ripe fruit.

Be sure to time your visit to ensure the blueberries are still on the bushes.  This year, the season should last until June.  Of course, even if some in your group don’t want to pick, the farm has plenty of berries for sale in the store, along with blueberry ice cream, blueberry lemonade or slushies.  Calling ahead to be sure the farm is open (they’re closed on Mondays) isn’t a bad idea.  The office phone is (352) 529-0521

…and if you need something to do with your berries when you get them home, consider a simple pie.  Or even better, get out Grannie’s muffin tin and recipe and make some delicious blueberry muffins!



                    Red, White and Blue Farm 3250 NE 140th Avenue Williston, FL 32696