Real Homemade Biscuits, EVERY DAY, at Lynn-Rich Restaurant in Steinhatchee, Florida

Yes, Steinhatchee, like the rest of Taylor County, is busy in the summer months.  That’s when hordes of eager snorkelers invade the small Gulf-side community in search of bay scallops.  Motels are full, boat ramps crowded, marinas busy and the waits at local restaurants can be long.  But despite the bustling tourist season, a hearty breakfast can be hard to find, especially on weekdays.  An option at Steinhatchee is Lynn-Rich Restaurant, a small diner-style establishment just west of the Post Office at 202 15th Street (Riverside Drive).

While Fiddler’s Restaurant does serve a great breakfast, with friendly service, it only serves on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday–and that’s during the busy scallop season.  As the crowds dwindle, Fiddler’s cuts back to just weekends for breakfast.  But Lynn-Rich, being a local hangout, serves breakfast and lunch (6AM to 2PM.363 days a year.  They’re closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving days.

Lynn-Rich makes great food, and I am particularly enamored by their biscuits and pancakes.  The biscuits are tender and flaky–and HOMEMADE–and excellent with butter, jelly or country ham or sausage.  The pancakes are big, so bring your appetite.  And their selection of lunchtime sandwiches can’t be beat.  I recommend the cheeseburger.

So, fear not visitors to Steinhatchee.  You don’t have to eat store-bought honey buns for breakfast–just head over to Lynn-Rich before you go fishing or scalloping on a weekday morning!

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