Pit Stop: Tom’s BBQ, Keystone

If you’re driving or cycling the backroads of Bradford County near Keystone, be sure to stop at Tom’s BBQ.  Located at 7154 SE CR 21 B Keystone Heights FL 32656 , at the intersection of SR 21 B and SR 100, you can’t go wrong with some of their great food!  They’re open for lunch and dinner daily.




Here’s what Tom has to say:

“Tom’s High on The Hog Real Pit BBQ restaurant features Tom’s signature BBQ. Tom’s Real PIt BBQ is a casual fast food restaurant offering sit down dining, and call in curb side pick up service. High on the Hog offers inside, outside, and playground seating. Customers come in and don’t have to wait for meals to be prepared. Starters, sandwiches, sides, entrees, and desserts are ready and waiting. Tom’s Smoke House Burger and his signature steaks are be cooked to order. Tom is dedicated to providing the community high quality food and ingredients. High on the Hog, smokes its meats fresh every day starting early in the morning ensuring meals are ready for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is designed for a quick meal if you are in a hurry get in and get out, if you want to visit a bit that’s okay too. The center of Tom’s features a large BBQ Pit where the smoke house meats are served from all day long.  Specialty designed smokers slowly cook Tom’s turkey, chicken, brisket, and ribs giving the meat perfect flavor and a golden smoke house color.” 

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