Paddle(Board) Natural North Florida’s Rivers and Lakes

If you’re a canoeist or a kayaker, you’ll certainly like paddling a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). In the past few years, SUPs have gained in popularity due to ease of operation and ease of transport. Also, they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase and can also be rented from many outfitters, like Rum 138 Outfitters or Santa Fe Canoe Outpost (both on the Santa Fe River).

You can swim or paddleboard at Rum Island Park, in southern Columbia County
Paddleboarding the Ichetucknee River is a family activity!

Our Natural North Florida waters are the perfect places to hone your paddleboarding skills. Beginners enjoy the ease of navigating rivers and lakes solo, while advance paddlers often rig their boards with coolers, backrests. Kids and dogs often appear as passengers on family outings!

Backrests and coolers are often found on the paddleboards of advanced paddlers. Dogs, too! These guys are enjoying the day at Rum Island, on Columbia County’s Santa Fe River.
Paddleboarders can sit or stand, depending on their ability to balance. Paddling the Santa Fe River near Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park
Lake City has several scenic lake that are suitable for paddleboards
Paddling the Santa Fe River near Ginnie Springs

The popularity of paddleboards rose from a surplus of surfboards and a lack of surf, especially on Florida’s west coast. Now, SUPs can be found all over the state and are available as solid craft or as air-filled craft that can be shipped or transported easily.