Nature Coast State Trail Part 2: Fanning Springs to Chiefland

Part 1: Fanning Springs to Cross City

The Nature Coast State Trail follows the track of a former railroad, and the 32 mile trail can be divided up into three separate mini-trails perfect for casual bikers and hikers.  Part one of this series covers the 12 mile track from Fanning Springs to Cross City and can be found here.

The second section of trail is a 9 mile trek from Fanning Springs Southeast to Chiefland.  This part of the trail does not cross over the Suwannee river, but it does give riders a view of an entirely different Florida habitat.  On this section of the trail, riders are likely to see one  of North Florida’s most noted endangered species, the gopher tortise. 

Parking is free at any of the parking locations which can be found here.  Hikers, Bikers, Skaters and Equestrians are all welcome on this paved trail. 

What to pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Toilet Paper (there are bathrooms on the trail, but they may be out of T.P.)
  • Picnic Lunch (optional)