Mermaids Discovered in Natural North Florida’s Freshwater Springs!

Well, sorta….

Everyone knows that mermaids and mer-men are saltwater creatures, but there’s been a recent uptick in the sighting of these half-human/half-fish in the freshwater springs in our Natural North Florida region.

A recent Mermaid Meet-Up at Ginnie Springs, near High Springs, in Gilchrist County, Florida

If you’re lucky, you’ll see informal “mermaid meet-ups” at local springs, where the water temperature is a constant 72-degrees F.   These athletically-inclined folks enjoy the company of each other, as well as the exercise they get swimming with one appendage, rather than the usual two!

If you’re interested in seeing mermaids–or becoming one–keep in touch by joining the Mermaid Meet-Up page on Facebook.




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