Mayhaw Jelly: A Southern Delicacy

Relatively rare (if not entirely unknown) in commercial grocery stores, Mayhaw jelly is a must try for visitors to the South East.  The jelly is made from a plant that is commonly considered a weed that grows in swampy areas around the Florida/Georgia border.  The berries of the plant ripen and turn red in late April and last through May, hence the name “Mayhaw.”  The jelly has a delicate flavor, somwhere between cranberry and apple, with a pleasant tart note at the end.  Mayhaw jelly goes great on toast or muffins and makes a great addition to any breakfast.

Despite its delicious flavor and reputation as a delicacy of the South, Mayhaw Jelly can be very difficult to find.  One source for Mayhaw jelly is “Marie’s Home Canning” in White Springs, Florida.  It is not an industrial canning service (hence the name), but if you would like to sample one of the rarest delicacies from the south, send a letter to:

Marie’s Home Canning
P.O. Box 106
White Springs, Fl 32096

5 comments on “Mayhaw Jelly: A Southern Delicacy

  • Sounds delicious! It is really a blessing to live in South Florida and enjoy all it has to offer like the beaches, sea food and entertainment. A must for all travelers!

  • Susan Walters says:

    We went to visit my in laws for Christmas in the Panhandle 2009 where they stay 5 months out of the year. On the way way (scenic route)there was a man on the side of the road selling honey, mayhaw jelly, amd syrup. I thought it was neat and told my husband to stop. I bought 2 of each, some for all of us. So I thought… I forgot to bring it back with us on our trip home. For the last two year’s that’s all I have heard is how great that jelly was. Please send information on wher to order. I would finally like to try it myself.
    Thank You
    Susan Walters

  • I live in north Florida and I love mayhaw jelly. It has a unique flavor all its own. I buy it from a local road-side vendor here in Tallahassee. His web-site is: , if you are interested. It takes great on taste with butter and eggs on the side – easy tasty quick meal. I have included a picture above in the url spot. Enjoy your jelly folks!

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