Lost in the woods: Finding North without using a compass

Picture this, you’re lost in the wilderness just South of town, no GPS, no compass, and the sun has just started to set.  Theres no need to panic, as there are many different ways to find true North without needing a compass or any other equipment.  Here are two of the easiest methods:

If you’re in an open and sunny area, you can tell North by the side of the tree that moss grows on.  In open areas moss only grows on the North side of trees, due to the way the sun hits them and drys out all of the other sides.  This method can be somewhat unreliable, because if you’re in a heavily wooded area, moss will grow on all sides of a tree which makes using this method impossible. 

A more reliable method requires an analogue watch.  To determine North using a watch, all one must do is turn the watch so that the hour hand is pointing toward the sun, and using noon as a reference point, make an imaginary line right between noon and the current hour.  This line faces South, so right behind you is North.

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