Looking For Seafood In Your Area? Use the Gulf Coast Seafood Finder APP!

Looking for Gulf Seafood in your area? Check out the Gulf Coast Seafood Finder mobile APP developed by the Gulf Coast Seafood Marketing Coalition.

From their website…“The Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition (Coalition) was formed by The Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. as a result of a grant from the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) (NOAA Award #NA10NMF4770481). Representing all components of the seafood distribution chain, including commercial fishermen, processors, wholesalers, associations, sea grants, tourism boards, restaurants, retailers, chefs and charter boat sectors, the Coalition has been established to coordinate all efforts and provide a cohesive vision and overarching strategy to showcase Gulf Coast Seafood. Strategies will focus on expanding global market share for wild seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.”

Visit their website … http://eatgulfseafood.com/ … to learn more about the Coalition and the APP.

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