Kids are Welcome for Blueberry Picking at Green Meadows

A u-pick blueberry farm makes a great outing with kids, and when the blueberries are organic, you don’t have to worry about any pesticides getting on your little one’s hands — or in his mouth if he samples a few in the field (and who doesn’t?).

At Green Meadows Farm in Monticello, Delores Green ensures that kids are safe and welcome. A special field with lower-growing fruit at a kid-friendly height is a major draw for families with small children, who often come for playdates, as Mrs. Green explains in this brief video.

Another highlight for kids is the wildlife that frequents the farm. Mrs. Green, a retired teacher, loves telling kids — especially city kids who haven’t visited a farm before — about the foxes, deer and swallowtail kites on the farm.

“When they point out a swallowtail kite, I say, ‘Do you know what that is? That’s a raptor!'” she smiles.

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