Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Located just outside of Gainesville on Archer road is Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  With the weather just starting to turn from winter to spring, Kanapaha will soon be back in full bloom.  There are approximately 1.5 miles of paths that wind through the gardens, and most of these paths are wheelchair accessible.  There are 24 major collections at Kanapaha, each of which contains unique plant species that are organized around a specific theme.  For example there is the Cycad garden, which is composed soley of plants from the Cycadaceae family, or the Native Trail which showcases native Florida plants. 

If a simple stroll through the gardens is not enough, picnicking is allowed in designated areas.  Pets are welcome at Kanapaha so long as they are on a leash.  The gardens are designed to be at their peak during June – September, but visitors who want to beat the heat should try to visit in early March when temperatures in North Florida are generally mild.  The gardens are open everyday except for Thursday, and admission is $6 for adults.  More information can be found at the garden website.

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