Jump Start Yourself, Your Friends, And Your Holiday Shopping–With Sweetwater Organic Coffee


There’s no question about it:  Food makes an excellent Holiday gift.  And tasty food’s even better if it’s harvesting and sales represent an effort to do good and to help people.   Sweetwater’s coffee is small-batch artisan-roasted in Gainesville, and is available at many regional outlets (Ward’s Grocery and Lucky’s in Gainesville, for example.), as well as by mail order from their website at http://www.sweetwaterorganiccoffee.com/

Even the roaster at Sweetwater is a work of art!

Not sure which to try?  I recommend either mild “Good Morning Gainesville” blend or the darkest of their roasts, “Midnight Oil”.  Both are available as whole beans or ready-ground for your coffeemaker.

In the door as beans…
…and out as some of the best coffee around!

Gainesville’s Sweetwater Organic Coffee is a Fair Trade commodity.  The #1 goal of the company is to help people, especially coffee bean farmers and producers worldwide.  I could try to explain their vision and core values, but they’ve already done that.  It follows:

Our Purpose:   To make the world a better place.

We do this by:

  • Roasting and brewing fantastic organic, fair trade coffee;

  • Building long term friendships and direct business relationships with farmers and their communities;

  • Getting more money into the hands of hard working coffee farmers;

  • Working to help our Customers to succeed; and

  • Building a community within and around our company – one smile, helping hand, and pat on the back at the time.

Our Vision:

A business world in which open, honest, fair, and direct relationships connect and positively impact producers and consumers and everyone in between.

The Sweetwater Organic Coffee Core Values Statement:

These values explicitly define our culture, influence our strategies and informs our day to day actions.  They frame all decisions and we evaluate our success based upon them. At Sweetwater Organic Coffee, and our sister company Cafe Campesino, we:

  1. Embrace differences, challenges, and change.

  2. Work with a positive, innovative, and can-do attitude.

  3. Passionately focus on our trading partners and customer relationships.

  4. Live to be inspired and to inspire others.

  5. Are building a thriving, authentic and positive local and international community.

  6. Always act with kindness and compassion.

  7. Are humble and grounded in gratitude.

  8. Have fun and pursue happiness.

  9. Seek knowledge and personal growth.

  10. Do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

  11. Practice diligent financial and natural resource stewardship.

  12. Treat people better than we expect to be treated.

Sweetwater Organic Coffee




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