Fishing Feature: Kayaking in Fishbone Creek


If you’re camping at Shired Island, staying at Horseshoe Beach or Cross City, or just making a day trip with your kayak to the Dixie County coast, don’t miss launching at the headwaters of Fishbone Creek and heading out to the bars in Horseshoe Cove.


On higher tides, these backwaters flood well into the creek, making launching easy.  The shallow primitive ramp can be reached by taking 800th Road off Hwy 357, just before you reach Shired Island.  Be advised that there’s not much parking near the ramp, so arrive early.  But you know that!  That’s when the fishing’s best!



While it’s tempting to stay in the creek, if the tide’s falling head out of the creek mouth and wade-fish some of the oyster and shell bars just offshore of the creek’s mouth.  I recommend fishing with light spinning tackle rigged with 3-inch D.O.A. shrimp.  Cast uptide and slowly retrieve the lure, giving it a sharp twitch every few feet.  Horseshoe Cove is known for its healthy redfish and big “gator” seatrout populations.


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