Holiday Gift Ideas for Fishermen

With ‘Black Friday’ and the holiday season just around the corner, I thought I’d mention a few gift items that are certain to please almost any fisherman. I’ve also included some information on price and sources.

Cablz Sunglasses Holders-These nice wire holders don’t get sweaty, smell bad, or snag on clothing. A great idea in the $20 price range. They are available online and at opticians, outdoor stores and marinas.  And when you get someone a new pair of Cablz, and want to spend a few more bucks, how about a nice new pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses?

Fluorocarbon Leader–Many anglers skimp on leader material and use regular line instead of stiffer, almost invisible fluorocarbon leader material that’s pretty expensive ($12-20 for a 25 meter spool).  Why not give them a treat and buy them a spool of Triple Fish, Ande or Seaguar leader material?  A great stocking stuffer, too!  Inshore anglers will appreciate 20 or 25-pound test and offshore types will like 80-100-pound test.  Fluorocarbon leader is available almost anywhere tackle is sold.

D.O.A. BFL Lures–Like the $5 hamburger in the 1980’s, a $10 fishing lure can be a tough sell.  However, D.O.A.’s BFL (Big Fish Lure) should be in any inshore fisherman’s tackle box, especially if he or she is targeting big wintertime sea trout on the Big Bend.  They come in several sizes and are available at most specialty tackle shops.  I like the 5.5″ model.  These plugs look and swim just like the ‘real thing’

ZipVac Starter Kit–This $39.95 kit will help your angler freeze the day’s catch more efficiently and avoid freezer burn.  The concept is to remove all the air from a freezer bag using a small, rechargeable pump.  Also a good gift for the hunters you know.

Sharkfin Spinning Reels–Sharkfin reels come in two sizes and are certain to please any inshore angler.  Priced from $119.95, these innovative reels, with their finned spools, help make long casts and also help avoid nasty loops and ‘reel boogers’.  They are specially designed to work with braided lines.  Available from larger tackle shops and at some Bass Pro Shops stores.

Paul Brown Original Corky Lures–Paul Brown’s lures are finally available!  This is the big trout lure your angler has been waiting for.  Priced from $7, these lures will make a great stocking stuffer.  They making their way to tackle stores all over the country and should be available everywhere now.  To learn more about fishing Corkys, take a look at “How to Fish a Corky Mullet” on

Buff Headgear–Have you noticed all those fishermen wearing Buff Headgear who look like they’ve just robbed a 7-11?  These soft ‘socks’ can be worn in a number of ways and go a long way to prevent sun damage to skin.  They also keep faces and necks warm in winter.  They’re priced in the $20 range and are available at sporting goods stores, tackle shops, marinas and from online sources.

Fishing Books–I’d be remiss to mention that there are a few good fishing books published by The University Press of Florida.  Take a look at Ron Presley’s Secrets from Florida’s Master Anglers, Jan Maizler’s Fishing Florida’s Flats or Tommy Thompson’s (that’s me!) The Saltwater Angler’s Guide to Florida’s Big Bend and Emerald Coast.  They’re all available from the University Press, Amazon or at larger fishing stores in your area.  All are in the $20 to $25 price range.

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