Helpful Hints For Big Bend Scallopers!

If you’re new to harvesting bay scallops, here are a few things that will make your life easier:

  • Try to be on the scallop “grounds” as the tide is falling and try to do your snorkeling at low water.
  • Look for white sand patches in the 3 to 5-foot depths, and search their edges for scallops.
  • Sunshine will bring scallops to the top of the grass, making mid-day hours the best for scalloping.
  • If the scallops are hidden in the tall grass, try to swim into the current.  You’ll find it easier to see them with the grass leaning towards you.
  • Put your catch on ice as soon as they come aboard.  They’ll keep better and the cold will make them open up and easier to clean when you get back to port.
  • If you plan to clean scallops aboard your boat, don’t throw the guts overboard, especially if you have swimmers in the water.  This is a good way to attract sharks.
  • Use a sharpened stainless steel tablespoon to clean scallops.  This device works much better than a knife.
  • Finally, pay attention to regulations regarding dive flags, fishing licenses, drinking while boating, and motoring near other boats.

For more information see:  Bay Scallops, The Gulf of Mexico’s Tastiest Treat

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